About US

Nathan Sgouris and Ben Smith spent over 400 man hours designing and building this High Tech Work Boat to help combat the weed problem on our lake. It has two 18-19 horsepower motors that run the Venturi Pumps for suction/dredging of the invasive weeds. They've engineered a fully disengagable air pump on one motor to supply fresh air to the divers and a water pump on the other motor for a hose connection to wash off the boat and the mats. It has a standard outboard motor for propulsion and all three motors are supplied with fuel from an electric fuel pump for increased efficiency. They built a heavy duty receiving table with adjustable sluice gates for working Port, Starboard, and Center of the boat to ensure minimum effort for maximum weed retrieval and storage. All in all this boat is a feat of engineering and it's pretty cool to look at too! The new boat will be used the install and remove the mats.

Enjoy your lake and fun in the sun!!  Keep weed growth at a minimum. An easy way to control the floating debris is to invest in an easy-to-use rake!
Pictured is one from

Do's and dont's of mats


1. When boating, idle around and over mats. Avoid traveling over mats in shallow water if possible.
2. Do not attempt to move or remove mats. 
3. Wear water shoes while on mats. 
4. Walking on mats once a week will help with releasing the gases that might build up underneath them.
5. If you notice any problems, call Nathan Sgouris at 315-569-6359.
6. All mats will start to be removed from the lake after Labor Day. No mats will be left in the water over the winter.

Signing a Contract

The home owner must sign a contract with Nathan that ensures that he understands all the terms and conditions of the matting program. The mats become the full responsibility of the home owner until Nathan and Benremove them in the fall.

(Name):_______________________________ shall hold harmless Nathan Sgouris and the Otisco Lake Preservation Association (OLPA) Board for any injury to self or others resulting from the use of the (loaned) OLPA matting. The above has been advised of the proper usage of the matting and takes full responsibility for his/her actions if damage occurs to his/her or other?s personal property and holds harmless, Nathan Sgouris and the OLPA Board. The matting is the sole responsibility and liability of the above.