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The ESF divers will be surveying the lake in early June to begin mapping and cataloging what species we have and where. They are specifically looking for some high priority species. Upon direction from the ESF team, we will drop bouys (plastic milk jugs tied to weights) in areas for harvesting. Please avoid disturbing any milk jug buoys as you encounter them. Once harvesting is done they will be removed.

The dive team will do a second survey in August, and milk jug buoys will be utilized to mark harvesting sites then as well,

Also in June a team will be searching the lake for invertebrate species Bloody Red Shrimp. That work will take place after dark, as the species comes out to feed after sunset.

We will continue with Water Chestnut pulling in 2 locations  August 6th, please join us for that event. Pulling can be done from Kayaks, canoes or in the water as these plant are in shallow water. We will meet in Turtle Bay and in the narrows near the dam on the east side. Start time 9:30 am.

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Early Detection Rapid Response to invasive Species Grant

Photos from Poughkeepsie Day School week of research on Otisco Lake June 13 - 20 th, 2018 as part of the DEC invasive species research grant, headed by Amber Road resident Jennifer Griffin.  Learn more!

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